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They come with a two-battery USB charger that responds to audio cues such as finger snaps, by emitting an audio tone of its own that indicates the charge level of the lithium-polymer batteries. One charge should be good for three days-worth of use. Besides its use for navigation, Lechal can also be utilized as a fitness tracking system, as it's able to count steps, track calories burned, and create interactive workouts. It'll also buzz your shoes to let you know you've left your phone behind, or if you're traveling and are ed points of interest in the latter situation, you'd proceed to check the app display to see what the point of interest is.

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Osella Caroline 038; Osella Filippo. 2006. Men and Masculinities in south India. Esp chs 5, 9.

8221; Cultural Critique 16:5-29. Reprinted in (ed) Reprinted in (ed) Uchiyamada Yasushi, 1997, Reading Gender. See also Garber on M Butterfly. Johnson EP, Henderson MG 2005 Black queer Studies: A Critical anthology.

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