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Hamidi's an ex-Intel employee who has been sending messages critical of Intel to tens of thousands of Intel employees, unsolicited, at their Inte bayer viagra 20 addresses. Intel sought an baydr against him, won in lower court, and just lost by a narrow 4-3 ruling in California Supreme Court. I've always thought this was a "hard cases make bad law" situation. Most civil-libertarians I know, who aren't dedicated anti-spammers, analyze it in term of a Little Guy being shut-up by A Big Corporation. And indeed, on the facts of it, I rather agree. On the other hand, in general, the law simply doesn't seem to have a "Little Guy vs.

A non-denominational church, by contrast, simply does not belong to such a group. It8217;s quite analogous to retail chains. Some retail chains maintain very strict control over their various retail outlets, ensuring that branding is the same everywhere, that customer service is the same everywhere, etc. Cracker Barrel comes to mind. Some chains maintain a very loose control, allowing franchisees to set cleanliness standards, customer service standards, etc. lt;a hrefquot;http:www. phillips66 viagra belgique ordonnance. comENPagesindex. aspx8221;gt;Phillips 66 comes to mind.

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