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And China have soft landed on the moon, and India hard landed its tri-colour using the moon impact probe in 2008. The washing machine-sized spacecraft that weighs 121 kilograms is being readied by a not-for-profit venture called SpaceIL.

The Making Home Affordable logo is Home Affordable Refinance : Refi Plus Options. In support of the Making Home Affordable ProgramFannie 8230; Read Document. A long-awaited federal program that will allow many people to refinance mortgages and make lower payments in spite of owing far more than their homes are worth will finally be available Monday to metro Phoenix borrowers. 8230; Read News. Sneaking in for a brief lunchtime post update !.

These slippers are: Soft and Hygienic Non-slip grip strips on the soles Built in deodorant feature keeps feet smelling fresh No more bending over to mop up sp.]