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But that word, plus a few shea butter raffiniert wirkung viagra minor words (What a cock-up?), is enough to trigger the spam threshold. See the report I wrote a while back on a similar spam system: Abstract: This report examines messages being rejected by a mail system in use [then] by the UK parliament. Having Splogs (Spam Blogs) Boost Your Technorati Rank. When I wrote the Google logo chocolate poker chip post, I knew 2 male lions fighting over female viagra keywords might attract spammers (I can tell which of my blog posts are popular in search engines, because they're the ones which become targets for spam). But a side-effect ovsr attracting spammers seems to be attracting splogs (spam blogs). Roughly, these are blogs which exist to try to fool search engines, and often scrape other blogs for content. And Technorati, which ranks blogs by number of other blogs linked to them, can be fooled by these spam blogs.

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Please note, THEY don't have the balls to say FREE ENERGY like we do. Its always been about CONVERSION, not the unthinking something from nothing they assign to us which no one I know ever claimed. Rectifying Chaos is a much better, more sane approach.]